What’s With the Name?

My tagline is not a lie. That is, in a nutshell, the way my days go. I go to school, come home, go to soccer practice (sorry, I use “soccer” and “football” interchangeably, so to all my fellow americans, when referring to American football, I will call it that), eat with my family and do homework. Then I wake up the next day and do it all again.

My blog used to be named 14, because my birthday is on the 14th of the month and because 14 is my jersey number in football. But I never intended for the name to be permanent. So I waited and waited for the perfect name to come. And then one night as I was laying in bed, it came to me.

Bells and Whistles.

Get it!? Because school is run by bells, and football is run by whistles. So it’s my life. Plus it’s a phrase that means “extra features” or “add-ons”. And I think that’s kind of what this blog is: An extra thing to do that’s not essential but is still really fun!

There you have it. The biography of my brilliant (you can tell I’m very proud) blog name.


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