Is This Real!?


I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that yesterday actually happened. My throat is still sore from cheering.

I think that I can pretty safely say that going to the women’s World Cup final in Vancouver was the coolest, most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Right now I really can’t think of anything cooler.

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I’ve Returned, and Brought Some Laughs With Me

I’m back! Sorry about my unexpected leave from the blogging world for a few weeks. I was not kidnapped and I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, it’s just that my life has been hectic! I’m officially back now, though, and as I am getting back into the groove of school and football I plan on writing much more frequently.

Well, that’s all I wanted to say tonight. I figure I have to post something to get myself back into it, even if I don’t have any amazing ideas that will make up for my sudden disappearance. So I will share with you all two wonderful videos. I have watched each of them about seven times and I still laugh at all the jokes. You will probably only think they are really funny if you understand football/soccer, but even if you don’t I’m sure you will still get some of the jokes. Give ’em a watch:

This is the first one:

And here’s the second:

Hope you enjoyed them!

Why I Love Mistakes


You know, most people hate that word. And they hate “failure” even more. When you think about it, at first it makes sense. Why would anyone want to make a mistake? Why would anyone want to fail? It’s a waste of time. It’s not productive. And you feel horrible afterwards because you didn’t do whatever it was you wanted to. Basically, it’s plain old frustrating to make a mistake.

Yet I think that mistakes are necessary. If you never made mistakes… well, as good as it sounds, I think your life would really suck.

First of all, mistakes and failure help make you learn. If you don’t give up, that is. Which you don’t. Every time you make a mistake, you learn one thing you should not do to achieve your goal. You get experience. You know that next time you won’t do that, so you’ll try something new.2268

Mistakes force us to evolve throughout our lives. If no one ever made mistakes, no one would ever try anything new because there would be no need to change anything. It would be so boring; everyone would be the same. People would have such similar experiences because they never made mistakes that caused them to do something different from everyone else. So, in the words of Calvin and Hobbes’ dad: “It builds character.”

Secondly, mistakes keep us humble. At least some of us. Others somehow don’t remember any of their mistakes and become vain. I know that, personally, mistakes serve to remind me that I can’t do everything perfectly on my first try, just like everyone else. Often times, you have to try really hard to reach your goal, and that’s how you know you want it and you deserve it.

46473_originalLastly, mistakes are just part of learning. Just like mistakes make us learn, learning makes us make mistakes. A lot of people are embarrassed when they make a mistake. Some girls on my football team are really hard on themselves. When our coach shows us a new dribbling move, or a shot, and they can’t do it right away, they become disheartened. They get angry or sad, which makes it even harder for them to focus on what they’re trying to do.

Whenever I mess up, especially in front of a lot of people (like at football practice), I just think of the points I made above, and I remind myself:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, so they can’t fairly judge me on the one I just made.
  2. I’m not perfect, thank God! So, if you are going to spend your time hating any word, don’t waste your time on “mistake”; “perfect” is a much better candidate. Pretty much the only impossible thing in the world is perfection.
  3. I know not to do that again, unless I want the result again.
  4. I learned something new from that!
  5. No one will remember this by tomorrow.

So, for a recap, mistakes make us interesting, force us to evolve and learn, and keep us humble. I strongly suggest that the next time you make a mistake, you smile, shake it off (as my parents used to tell me) and figure out your mistake instead of banging your head against a wall.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes, you'll thank yourself later!

Give yourself permission to make mistakes, you’ll thank yourself later!


The Final

imageWhat a great game to end the World Cup! It was exciting, with lots of close calls and great saves and skilled playing. I especially loved the difference in the styles of the teams today. Germany plays with controlled passing and movement, creating space and triangles. They are patient and good at creating opportunities. Argentina, on the other hand, though also able to creat great opportunities, has more of a win-and -dribble style. They don’t focus on keeping possession as much as Germany, but instead win the ball in defense or midfield, or even up front, and then take it forward, either with a few quick passes or by break-away. The mix of these two contrasting plays made the game particularly fun and interesting to watch.

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Football in the USA

Yesterday while I was watching the World Cup, one of my cousin who was visiting asked me, “Why do you think soccer isn’t as big in the US as in the rest of the world? I mean, we are really a minority- the rest of the world is crazy about it.”

This cousin grew up here, where I am currently vacationing, in New England. He said he played football when he was about five, but that no one ever played it because they wanted to play at a higher level or because they loved it, it was more of a transition into another sport. I am from the Northwest, and am a decade or so younger than him, so I didn’t quite agree with that, since a lot of people out where I live do play football as their primary sport. However, I have to agree that the US is a minority in the area of sports, and it is really too bad that we aren’t as football crazy as most of the rest of the globe. Americans seem to like games that stop often and require less running and often, in my very biased opinion, skill. (Alright, it’s just a different kind of skill I suppose, but I do think the skills required for football are more advanced). Games that involve running into each other or the use of your hands.

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Argentina vs Netherlands

Hmm. This was a better game than yesterday’s, in some respects. It would have been nice if there had been some more scoring though. Messi, Robben and Van Persie were all shut down pretty quickly most of the time, so there were few exciting runs or plays. I really hate  PK’s, I think most football players do. They are so stressful. Even though I am not taking them, and most of the time I don’t even care who wins, I still get nervous and a small adrenaline rush. Some of the penalty kicks are really inventive. I didn’t notice any super cool ones in this game, they were mostly just powerful shots, and on-target.

I am super excited for the Netherlands vs Brazil game and the Germany vs Argentina final!


That’s pretty much all I can say to describe the Germany-Brazil game. 7-1! That was absolutely shocking. Five goals in eighteen minutes, for one team. I guess it goes to show you what a difference two players can make (Silva and Neymar). It also shows, like I said before, what an unpredictable game football can be. I know it wasn’t just those two, it was also that Brazil played the same way the entire first half, without changing their approach after being scored on. But really, that was so crazy, I still can’t believe it. It was great for Germany, they played very well. But poor Brazil. They are a very good team as well and they and their fans deserved to do better than that. As my coach says, “it was just not going to go in today.” It always makes me sad to see all of the losing players crying after the game, and this game was especially bad.

I think it wasn’t even a very good game to watch, unless you are a Germany supporter, because it wasn’t close enough to be very exciting. The best games are the ones in which both teams play their best and sadly today Brazil was not a match for Germany. Hopefully tomorrow’s Argentina-Netherlands game will be more exciting.

World Cup

What fun! I have finally discovered the World Cup. As a soccer addict, there’s nothing I would rather be doing the first month of summer than spending a few hours each day watching some of the best footballers in the world playing in the biggest, best competition in the world.

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