An Ode to Fall

Fall is unbelievably beautiful.

When days are like droplets of dew that I wake up to find each morning on the grass: clear and fleeting and simple. The sun is out and the sky is icy blue, and looks farther away than it did in the compressing summer heat. The wind is tickling the leaves of trees, which crunch together like chimes, turning orange and yellow and brown. The air is brisk and hurts a little when it enters my lungs because it’s so fresh and cool.

It’s boots season, and I’ll lace mine up and walk outside on the sidewalks littered with leaves, like bits of a fiery stained glass window. The evergreens are tall and green but cast long shadows as the afternoon sun barely reaches far enough to warm them.

The whole house smells like the sweet pumpkin bread my mom is cooking in the oven. Its smell is taunting my stomach and soothing my head, and I can almost feel its moist warmth on my tongue. My fingers are chilly and I rub them together to keep warm. All I want is a warm cup of tea to hold. And to drink my dinner! To feast on vegetable and beef stews and potato chowders. To bite into warm pockets of crust filled with sugared fruit.

I can taste this season. In the homely spices– nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom. And I can see the steam of the exhaust pipe as I let the car warm up in the morning after a chilling night that leaves the whole neighborhood sparkling with frost. I can see my own breath as it vaporizes. I can hear the geese flying overhead, destination: South. I can feel the warmth of an extra blanket on my bed and I can just barely resist the urge to stay there all day each morning, when it’s the only shield between me and the air let in through my open window.

It gets dark so early! But I kind of like it. The night is so deep and clear and starry that I think that I could shoot and arrow into the crisp fabric of it, all the way up so that I’d poke another star into the sky.

I can sit all day and wonder at the fantastic beauty of this season, and take it all in, and feel so wonderfully calm, like a bear readying for hibernation. And I can feel how soft this season is on the inside and how hard it is on the outside, battling the sharp bite of winter. The sun paints the earth in its lazy, hazy light and in the tired blink of an eye, day is turned to night.


2 thoughts on “An Ode to Fall

  1. Rishi Raj says:

    It’s just beautiful.I was able to visualize things.And I’d like to tell u that you have grown as a writer and ”An Ode to Fall” is the proof.


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