Emma Takes Vancouver, BC

Other than the occasional whiff of urine, Vancouver is a beautiful city in every way. The wrap-around coastline means it’s always just a short walk to the water. Despite being something like the third largest city on the west coast, Vancouver is compact: all of the big-name brand stores are within a few block radius, and then it’s right into the old part of the city (well I assume it’s the older part, because the roads were brick). You can walk everywhere. And if you want to get off your feet, you can hop on a bike and ride along one of the trails or bike lanes.

I had so much fun spending four and a half days in this fantastic city with my family and friends and going to some of the women’s World Cup games at BC Place! However, I didn’t have much time to write (don’t worry, I took lots of pictures). Over the next few days I’ll be recounting my trip to all of you: what I did, where I went, what I ate, who I saw, and of course, wether or not I think it’s worth it for you to follow my footsteps!
The streets of Vancouver:

BC Place Stadium! The apartment we rented was one block away from it.

They turned out a bit blurrier than hoped… Oh well!


8 thoughts on “Emma Takes Vancouver, BC

  1. Rishi Raj says:

    It seems amazing to me,i mean wow ! really exited to know about your trip and i hope i would find some inspiration as i too have a plan to visit Jaipur in September of this year only.
    I must say the way u have captured the high rise buildings and streets of Vancouver is so cute.. .just loved watching them.


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