Because I’m (Not) Going Vegan

Last Friday was warm and sunny, the poster boy for a beautiful spring day. That afternoon I drove (with all the windows down and the music on) to meet my dad at Whole Foods (which deserves its own post). We were in search of Beyond Meat burgers. 

Some of you may– or may not– know that one of the worst things for the environment that we do is eat meat. Especially beef. The combination of the tons of water used to grow the cows’ feed and the transportation used and waste produced make each burger you eat extremely environmentally costly. Which means going vegetarian is one of the greenest things you can do (haha, get it?).

A month or two ago I read an article in Outside Magazine that was written by a recently-gone-vegetarian about something called Beyond Meat, a meat substitute made of “plant meat”. He said that one of the hardest things for these food engineers to do was make their meat substitutes feel like a real burger. They can get everything but the texture. But, he said, Beyond Meat had come very, very close.

My family is not at all ready to become vegetarian, but we figured if we could reduce carbon emissions by eating a few less burgers, then we’d happily look for something else to grill up. Since then, my family has been in search of this not-meat. We’ve made about five trips to Whole Foods looking for the stuff, but every time we’ve gone they haven’t had it.

Sadly, Friday was no different. So we opted with Hilary’s Eat Well’s Hemp & Greens Burger (a mouthful, I know*). We threw them on the grill and baked up some sweet potato fries.



I mean… a little odd, right?

Despite the suspiciously gray frozen patties, my first bite was not tentative. I was really hungry. So I dug right in, and it wasn’t bad! I mean, it wasn’t a hamburger, but with the bun, pickles and mustard on it I could hardly tell. It was certainly a different texture, but  that’s the only real stand-out difference I noticed. My dad gave them a thumbs-up too; just this morning he said to me “You know, I’d get those burgers again.”


So… My review is positive, and I plan on meatless burgers again, but hopefully this time I’ll be biting into an elusive Beyond Meat patty.

Have you had any experiences with not-meat? Good or bad? Have any other not-meats that I could try? Let me know in the comments!

*Wow, I’m on fire tonight! Two unintentional food puns in one post!


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