Hot Cakes: Molten Joy

Happy Food or Thought Day! This week, once again, the eater in me has taken over the thinker. So food today it is!

This Saturday, my family and I went on an outing down to our neighborhood’s Market Street. It was my birthday a couple weeks ago, and instead of getting a bunch of stuff, my parents gave me the much better present of experiences! Certificates like: tour the chocolate factory (that trip will be written about), get a pedicure, etc. One of these lovely treats was “Go to Hot Cakes”.

There’s an adorable little cakery down off Market with a rustic/classic bakery sort of design. The front window displays chopped logs and jars of chocolate sauce. The name of the shop– Hot Cakes–  is self-explanatory; just imagine! A whole bakery that specializes in molten chocolate cakes. Brilliant! It’s a small space inside, but it had nice wooden tables and a bar along the far wall. Since it was a Saturday afternoon, the place was starting to get busy.

None of my family, including myself, had ever been here before, so we didn’t have any favorites (yet). I decided that we should get the Dark Decadence (when my mom asked what I was getting, I told her the Dark Decandence. I have a history of pronouncing things wrong– but again, that’s a whole different post), and the rest of my family decided on the Peanut Butter Cup, Bread Pudding and Meringue.

It was all very delicious. Personally, my favorite was the Decadence, and not just because I picked it. It was extremely chocolatey, but not too sweet, which I liked. The hot cakes came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream each, and the combo was perfect. My mom and sister thought my choice was too strong, but I didn’t agree this time. Cutting the richness with the ice cream made a perfect balance of dark and sweet in my opinion. My sister liked the peanut butter one best, but I thought the peanut butter was too strong and overpowered the chocolate. My mom’s favorite was the bread pudding, which was apple and cardamom flavored. I’m not sure which was my dad’s choice; I think he liked them all. My aunt liked the meringue, which had almonds and chocolate in it.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip, and a very good excuse not to spend all Saturday afternoon studying. The cakes and other desserts were all fantastic, and the shop itself was charming. I absolutely recommend a trip to anyone who might want to make one. It’s well worth the visit: great food, great experience. Here’s the website if your interested in checking it out or shopping online (take n’ bake hot cakes in a jar!).

Check back each Monday to satisfy your appetite! But first…

You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna have pictures, did you?



Here’s the menu. The Decadence is in the top left corner. As you can see, it’s a little pricey compared to your day-to-day ice cream cone, but I don’t know what hot cakes normally go for.IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0278

We were so excited when we got our order that we started eating before I remembered to take a picture! Luckily, when we were leaving the bakers were preparing another of our exact order, and I was able to take some shots:IMG_0280The Dark Decadence.IMG_0281 The Peanut Butter Cup.

IMG_0282Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Hot Cakes: Molten Joy

  1. To Live With All My Might says:’re making me hungry. Those desserts look fantastic!
    I always pronounce things wrong too, and my mom makes fun for me for it. I think it’s because I’m so used to reading words and not used to hearing them out loud.
    Sounds like you had a really fun time! Happy (very late) birthday 🙂


  2. Emma14 says:

    Thank you! And I think I mispronounce words for that exact same reason. 🙂 thanks for inviting me to do the take back what’s yours thing, I am planning on posting something about it on Wednesday.


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