Well, first off, Happy New Year to all! I hope this year brings you happiness and health.

Secondly, I have a major announcement to make. As you can probably see, I have finally changed my blog title (it was always my intention to do so). So if you are wondering why you are suddenly getting emails from Bells and Whistles, it’s just me! You can read about my new name here. Another announcement, and one you may have also noticed, is that I have changed my theme. Again. Hopefully this one will stick around though; I really like it.

Ok, back to new years. Its been a tradition for quite a while now for my family and friends to polar plunge on January the first. Living in the Puget Sound, we simply take a five minute drive down to the beach, dunk in the water (it only counts if you dunk your whole head and don’t wear a wet suit), and then come running and screaming out of the water, wrap up in towels, get dressed and drive home to take the best hot shower you’ve ever had.

This year, the 9th annual polar dip, was no different. There were about 30 dippers, and I have to say that actually out of all the years I can remember, this one was the best since it didn’t seem as cold when we got out, even though (and probably because) it was around 35 degrees out.

I recently got and iPhone 6, and it has an amazing camera. I got some pictures of the plunge* and thought I’d share them with you:

IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0161 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171*So, they aren’t actually of the plunge, but look at how nice out it was! Those are the Olympic Mountains. And the water is the Puget Sound.

Happy New Year!


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