Hot Cakes: Molten Joy

Happy Food or Thought Day! This week, once again, the eater in me has taken over the thinker. So food today it is!

This Saturday, my family and I went on an outing down to our neighborhood’s Market Street. It was my birthday a couple weeks ago, and instead of getting a bunch of stuff, my parents gave me the much better present of experiences! Certificates like: tour the chocolate factory (that trip will be written about), get a pedicure, etc. One of these lovely treats was “Go to Hot Cakes”.

There’s an adorable little cakery down off Market with a rustic/classic bakery sort of design. The front window displays chopped logs and jars of chocolate sauce. The name of the shop– Hot Cakes–  is self-explanatory; just imagine! A whole bakery that specializes in molten chocolate cakes. Brilliant! It’s a small space inside, but it had nice wooden tables and a bar along the far wall. Since it was a Saturday afternoon, the place was starting to get busy. Continue reading


I Need Some Writing Help!

Well, it’s actually revising help, but…

I have a very big essay due on Thursday. It’s a scientific research paper on a research question we got to choose. My prompt is Do ice baths heal sore muscles? I’ve written it and am into the final stages of revising, and I’m not really sure about some parts of it. I feel like it can be better. And you know when you’ve been working on a piece for a long time, and it gets really hard to look at the big picture? That’s what’s happened to me. Then, a few hours ago I had a brilliant thought:

Hey! I bet I know who could help me! All my WordPress friends! They all like to write, and they’re really good writers, maybe they would have some advice!

So here’s what I’m asking: Would you mind giving my paper a read and then giving me feedback in the comments section? Like I said, it’s a science research paper, but I’ve done my best to make it interesting, and it’s not a very difficult topic to understand.

Thanks a million! Continue reading

Food (f)or Thought: Official Introduction

Welcome, welcome, to my first annual weekly Food or Thought post!

In the past, my blog has had no structure whatsoever. But in attempt to make my blogging (and your reading) experience more organized, I am going to have days each week that I post on a specific topic. Previously I had not wanted to do this because I didn’t want to restrict myself to only talking about certain topics, but I think I have found the solution in only loosely categorizing these posts. For example: Food or Thought!

Ok, ok, Emma. That’s great, but what is Food or Thought? Other than an obvious attempt to play on words?

Aha! Glad you asked! Although food and thoughts seem like very different categories to some, I will promise you that for me, very often these are one and the same. Just ask my mom. Or my sister. Or my dad. Or my friends. I am a FOOD LOVER. Around two in the afternoon, I’ll be asking my mom what’s for dinner. I am blessed to have a mother who is also a  fantastic cook and baker. I love good food, and I eat a lot of it. Which could cause some weight gain issues when I stop playing soccer, but I don’t plan on ever stopping, so that’s ok.

I eat breakfast almost as soon as I get up in the morning. Yesterday I had cereal. About an hour after I ate, I walked into the kitchen just in time to see my mom putting blueberries on her cereal. To which I half shouted, “Uuuuuuuhhhh! I forgot about the blueberries!!” then put my arm on the counter and rested my forehead in my elbow, and probably made some whimpering noises.

My mom said that there would be enough left for tomorrow, but that didn’t make me feel any better, because I had planned on having them this morning and having something else for breakfast tomorrow. (See what I mean about food for thought? Do you know anyone else who plans their breakfasts?) Then my mom, trying to suppress a laugh, asked “Are you going to let this ruin your whole day?” In response I nodded, with my head still on my arm, and  said “uh-hu”. Then I smiled and also tried to suppress a laugh because I was being ridiculous.

We went to sit in the living room, and I sat in a chair staring out the window in frustrated silence. After a while, my mom said, while laughing, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh, it’s just, I’ve never met a single person who gets so upset over food.” I laughed at that too, but in that way you do when you’re trying to be very angry and not laugh at anything since you are not happy. But I couldn’t not laugh at that, because it was very true, and I was a little dramatic. I got over it quickly after that. And don’t worry: I had blueberries in my cereal today.

Anyway, story tangent aside, food does dominate a fair amount of my thoughts. Hence Food or Thought. On Mondays, I will post either on food– a recipe, favorite dish, restaurant, etc– OR on my thoughts, which, if you follow and read my blog, you know contain quite a range of ideas. OR, now that I think about it, the post may very likely be some sort of combination of food and thought.

Check in each Monday to satisfy your appetite!

The Mountains Don’t Glisten

In the winter the mountains don’t glisten. The air is cool, the skies are gray and only rain pours down. And the mountains shine with dirt. So in truth they don’t luster at all, because nothing can shine with dirt and stone.

And if the mountains don’t shine then the creeks don’t gurgle and the rivers don’t rush in the springtime. Instead the land will be dry and thirsting for freshwater.

And as the air warms, the ocean reflects the land. The beautiful rainbow that is the life of the ocean will slowly fade away, and the warm water will be alone and empty.

This is not the earth we want to live in. Not. A single. One of us. Continue reading


Well, first off, Happy New Year to all! I hope this year brings you happiness and health.

Secondly, I have a major announcement to make. As you can probably see, I have finally changed my blog title (it was always my intention to do so). So if you are wondering why you are suddenly getting emails from Bells and Whistles, it’s just me! You can read about my new name here. Another announcement, and one you may have also noticed, is that I have changed my theme. Again. Hopefully this one will stick around though; I really like it.

Ok, back to new years. Its been a tradition for quite a while now for my family and friends to polar plunge on January the first. Living in the Puget Sound, we simply take a five minute drive down to the beach, dunk in the water (it only counts if you dunk your whole head and don’t wear a wet suit), and then come running and screaming out of the water, wrap up in towels, get dressed and drive home to take the best hot shower you’ve ever had.

This year, the 9th annual polar dip, was no different. There were about 30 dippers, and I have to say that actually out of all the years I can remember, this one was the best since it didn’t seem as cold when we got out, even though (and probably because) it was around 35 degrees out.

I recently got and iPhone 6, and it has an amazing camera. I got some pictures of the plunge* and thought I’d share them with you:

IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0161 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171*So, they aren’t actually of the plunge, but look at how nice out it was! Those are the Olympic Mountains. And the water is the Puget Sound.

Happy New Year!