What if You Woke Up Everyday…


That’d be pretty impressive.

On Christmas, kids get up at seven or even six in the morning, hardly tired and ready to go. They are motivated and happy, even if they got much less sleep than they are used to. But it’s not just Christmas that magically gives them all of this energy. Look at the parents. They don’t usually want to get up so early on their day off. But the kids don’t even think about it. It’s Christmas.

Let me show you just how crazy an effect Christmas Day can have on people– namely, my sister. During any other day of our winter break, that girl would happily stay in bed until 9:30 or 10:00. But I’m pretty sure she has an internal clock that goes off once a year on Christmas, because that day she comes into my room to get me up at seven in the morning. That’s a lot of lost sleep. And she doesn’t just slump into my room with her eyes half open. She comes jumping in, eyes bright, saying “Merry Christmas, Emma!”. And she’s not even normally a morning person.

I think that’s a pretty awing transformation. But I am going to suggest –forgive me– that it’s not just Christmas magic at work, though in one way or another, excitement is definitely some form of Christmas magic. So I was wondering, what if every morning you woke up and you were excited about the day? Would your efficiency and productivity increase? Would you be happier?

Here’s a thought: Each weekday morning I get up and go to school, which starts at the cruel time of 7:45. For a bunch of high schoolers with a lot of homework that’s pretty early. So walking around my school in the morning is kind of like walking through a graveyard during the zombie apocalypse; and once we are all in class and sitting, it’s even less lively.

People mostly don’t want to be there, and they don’t want to be awake. It’s day-to-day life and it’s boring. Exciting stuff doesn’t usually happen on normal days, that’s why they’re called normal.

But instead of waiting for Christmas all year, or whatever other day it is that we wake up excited, why don’t we set something up for ourselves? Why not plan something every day to make ourselves excited? So we can wake up and say “Today I want to be awake and alive and I want to get up and do something!”

Just imagine what a huge difference that would make! The exciting thing doesn’t even need to be that big. It could be a great breakfast (which can always get me out of bed in the morning) or it could be that you are reading a really great book and want to get to the ending. It just has to be a little something to look forward to, to make you happy in the morning and maybe even all day.

Honestly, I don’t know if our productivity would increase, or if we’d be more efficient. But if we woke up excited every day, we would be so much happier. And that in itself would be amazing.


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