A Little Bit of Inspiration

In the form of a few great quotes I’ve collected over the years:

“People do not lack strength, they lack will.”

-Victor Hugo

“Most people want something different, but most people are not willing to change.”

-Bill Evans

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, I’m saying it’s going to be worth it.”

-Russel Wilson

“Mina said that you had a choice, when stuck in a pit, between pleasing the monster by looking down and screaming, or surprising him by looking up.”

-Fatima Mernessi in Dreams of Tresspass

“This is the first day of the rest of your life.”


Or maybe it’s not inspiration. Something to think about, then.


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Inspiration

  1. Rishi Raj says:

    These sayings are great. I feeling good for us as i too find myself attached to these life changing lines.Even i have copied 1st ,2nd,3rd and the 5th one.
    It would be really nice for me if u can explain the meaning of 4th one by Fatima Mernessi.


  2. Emma14 says:

    Thanks for coming by! I’m so glad you like these, if you have any I’d love to hear them. The fourth one is sort of saying that there are two ways you can face a challenge: you can give up and let it win, or you can keep fighting against it. At least, that’s how I interpret it. Thanks for following Bells and Whistles. Have a good one!


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