A Relationship, continued

“Writing is a relationship between the writer and the reader.”
– Ms. Storey (I think)

I got some feedback on my last post that I should go “deeper” into what I think about the above quote. So here’s what I think…

If writing is a relationship, then we are all tied in so many ways to each other. Really we are just a giant knot of a web, building relationships with each other constantly. Sharing ideas, changing minds, making connections. Some bad. Some good.

If writing is a relationship between reader and writer, then the two ideally have equal power. The writer writes for itself and the reader reads for itself. Yet the writer can’t help but write for its dear readers and the reader, if the relationship is strong, often feels obliged to read for the writer.

To all of us writers out there, we need to remember we are only half, and never can be both alone and complete. Maybe that is why we write. We crave to create bonds with another person, strive to share our stories so that others can relate. We need the reader. Without the reader, our words are nothing, unseen and unheard. Pointless without the eyes and ears to receive them.

If writing is a relationship between writer and reader, then trust is all around us. As we write, we put a great amount of trust in our readers. We share a most personal gift: our thoughts. And the reader receives this gift, trusting that the words will be enjoyable.

Without a writer, a reader cannot exist, and without a reader, a writer is pointless. We need each other.


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