Veggetti: Wow. Could You Come Up With A Worse Name If You Tried?

The Veggetti? Seriously? Who thought that name was a good idea? That’s pronounced “va-jet-y”, for those of you who didn’t get it. Try to say that word without smiling, or without wanting to smile. It’s impossible.

Very. Bad. Name.

A couple of weeks ago, at my football tournament, I was sitting with my team as they ate breakfast (I’d already eaten) in the hotel lobby area. There was a tv on that was showing the news, and every few minutes there were commercials. I would glance up at the tv once in a while, and one time when I did, I saw an infomercial. You know those really long ones that show the product being used twenty different times as there is an over voice talking about how great it is and how if you call now, they will give you two of them for the price of one, and throw in a booklet? It was one of those.

Normally you would change the channel, or in the case of a hotel lobby, you’d turn back to the person next to you to continue your conversation. But this one caught my eye because of the product being advertised. A Veggetti.

Don’t be alarmed; it’s not as gross as it sounds, unless you hate zucchini. The Veggetti is basically like a big pencil sharpener, except instead of just a straight blade it has a cheese grater type blade, and instead of sharpening a pencil you shred a zucchini or squash. The point is that the veggie ends up in long thin strips that are like spaghetti. But veggetti has no carbs and less calories and all that. Here’s a picture:

In action!

In action!

Like I said before, I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to name a zucchini-sharpener “Veggetti”, but they should be fired. Right away. Either that, or they should be given the golden star of marketing, because people are definitely going to talk about it…

OK, back to my story. I pointed out this wonderful infomercial to my friends, and since we are a bunch of high school girls, we thought this was absolutely hilarious. As you should too. (Turns out, the fact that we are high school girls has nothing to do with it, my parents and their friends thought it was funny too). We laughed for a few minutes, and then we –crazy, I know– forgot about it.

But then a few days ago I was babysitting. Some friends of the kids I was watching lived a few blocks away, and the friends did this thing where one or two nights a week they block their street off and have a sort of picnic while the kids play in the street. So the kids and I walked over to the gathering.

As predicted, the two boys I was taking care of quickly deserted me to go ride their bikes in the street with the other kids. I sat at the edge of the parents’ circle with my AP textbook, half reading it and half listening to their conversations.

I was just getting into my reading when one of the moms announced, “You guys won’t believe what I bought the other day! It’s called a Veggetti!” Then she burst out laughing. I looked up immediately at the mention of the vegetable stringer. I started laughing too, but silently. The rest of the parents all had rather disgusted or curious looks on their faces. “A what? they asked.

“A Veggetti! It makes vegetable pasta! It’s got a horrible name. But I made some the other night, and my son had two bowls, he didn’t even know the difference!” the first mom told the rest of us.

Really, he didn't notice? Because I'm pretty sure spaghetti isn't normally green. At least mine isn't.

Really, he didn’t notice? Because I’m pretty sure spaghetti isn’t normally green. At least mine isn’t.

At this point I was physically hurting myself trying not to crack up. I couldn’t believe someone actually bought one! A Veggetti! And I couldn’t believe I had happened to see the commercial for them just a week before, and now I was hearing about them again.

The mom went on to laugh at the name a bit more, and talk about all the texts she had sent her husband like Have you seen my Veggetti? I picked up my phone and texted two of my friends who had been at the breakfast table to tell them what I had just heard. They later told me that when they read my text they laughed so hard they actually cried. Behold the power of the Veggetti.

I have been writing a lot of humor lately– at least I think the stories are funny– but I guess my life’s just been funny this past week. I will get back to more serious matters soon, don’t worry. Or maybe I won’t. We’ll all have to wait and see.

Hope this post made you laugh. Or at least smile!


3 thoughts on “Veggetti: Wow. Could You Come Up With A Worse Name If You Tried?

    • Emma14 says:

      Thank YOU! And you’ll have to tell me how that goes, I’m sure it would make for some great laughs. The horror of fake spaghetti! 😉
      Have a good one!


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