Bean-Boozled = Bad Idea

Hello everyone! Sorry my blogging’s been a bit sporadic lately, my life has kinda been that way these last few weeks as well. It’s nice to be back and I hope to be blogging more regularly soon.  I thought that today I would share an… interesting experience with you all.

As you may know, I am a huge fan of football (that being the world’s version, not the American sport). While getting ready to go to the Seattle Reign game the other night— shout out to the whole team for their amazing win, and anyone who shared my good fortune in being able to watch the game— my dad took out a box of jelly beans. Nothing much significant about that, I just thought it was kind of weird that he had them.

Sadly, however, it turned out there actually was something significant about that box. It didn’t contain normal Jelly Bellies; this thing was full of pranks and malice, with a whole bucket of foulness thrown in. They were called “Bean-Boozled”. I shudder at the name, and I only had one.

The evil box

The evil box

Basically they are really nasty-flavored beans, thrown in with a few of the normal flavors. I know what all you Harry Potter fans are thinking: Berty Bott’s Every Flavor Beans! I’ve had those too. But these things are so much worse. With the Every Flavor Beans they have a little guide on the box so you know what you’re putting in your mouth, be it slugs or coconut.

The really mean thing about the Bean-Boozled’s is that, even though they also have the guide on the box, you don’t know what you are eating because every color has two different flavors. The sheer cruelness of that is really immeasurable. You don’t know if you are going to taste stinky socks or frutti tutti when you put the multicolored bean on your tongue.

Do you see!? Do you see how mean this is!?

Do you see!? Do you see how mean this is!?

When Dad first suggested we try them, I was going to have none of it. No thank you, I really don’t want to know what skunk spray tastes like. My dad and my sister were slightly more stupid daring and decided to give it a go. They both had brown ones (chocolate or canned dog food?), and both quickly spit theirs in the sink while making all sorts of lovely gagging noises.

They offered me one and again I declined. But then I thought, Oh, but this would be such a great thing to post about! And anyway, they had both already gotten the dog food, so the other brown one should be safe, right? Don’t ever ask me why this logic made perfect sense. And yes, I did just admit that I do things, only VERY rarely, for the sake of this blog.

No! I don't even watch Vines, but please, never say this.


So I took the brown bean, and I put it it my mouth. I chewed it once. You know how sometimes you can taste smells? Like when you walk by mint and can taste it without actually putting it to your tongue? Well all it took was one chew for me to have the smell of canned dog food all over my tongue. I turned to the sink and spit/drooled it out as I gagged and coughed.

My first thought after eating the bean was, Oh my God this is disgusting! My second thought was something along the lines of: Even though Dad once said that if we were starving we would eat my cat’s canned food in order to survive, there is no way I would ever eat this again.

Pretty bad, huh? I did not have any more of those beans, and definitely do not plan on having any in the future. The only good thing you could do with these is prank people… just don’t tell them it was me who gave you the idea.


Why I Love Mistakes


You know, most people hate that word. And they hate “failure” even more. When you think about it, at first it makes sense. Why would anyone want to make a mistake? Why would anyone want to fail? It’s a waste of time. It’s not productive. And you feel horrible afterwards because you didn’t do whatever it was you wanted to. Basically, it’s plain old frustrating to make a mistake.

Yet I think that mistakes are necessary. If you never made mistakes… well, as good as it sounds, I think your life would really suck.

First of all, mistakes and failure help make you learn. If you don’t give up, that is. Which you don’t. Every time you make a mistake, you learn one thing you should not do to achieve your goal. You get experience. You know that next time you won’t do that, so you’ll try something new.2268

Mistakes force us to evolve throughout our lives. If no one ever made mistakes, no one would ever try anything new because there would be no need to change anything. It would be so boring; everyone would be the same. People would have such similar experiences because they never made mistakes that caused them to do something different from everyone else. So, in the words of Calvin and Hobbes’ dad: “It builds character.”

Secondly, mistakes keep us humble. At least some of us. Others somehow don’t remember any of their mistakes and become vain. I know that, personally, mistakes serve to remind me that I can’t do everything perfectly on my first try, just like everyone else. Often times, you have to try really hard to reach your goal, and that’s how you know you want it and you deserve it.

46473_originalLastly, mistakes are just part of learning. Just like mistakes make us learn, learning makes us make mistakes. A lot of people are embarrassed when they make a mistake. Some girls on my football team are really hard on themselves. When our coach shows us a new dribbling move, or a shot, and they can’t do it right away, they become disheartened. They get angry or sad, which makes it even harder for them to focus on what they’re trying to do.

Whenever I mess up, especially in front of a lot of people (like at football practice), I just think of the points I made above, and I remind myself:

  1. Everyone makes mistakes, so they can’t fairly judge me on the one I just made.
  2. I’m not perfect, thank God! So, if you are going to spend your time hating any word, don’t waste your time on “mistake”; “perfect” is a much better candidate. Pretty much the only impossible thing in the world is perfection.
  3. I know not to do that again, unless I want the result again.
  4. I learned something new from that!
  5. No one will remember this by tomorrow.

So, for a recap, mistakes make us interesting, force us to evolve and learn, and keep us humble. I strongly suggest that the next time you make a mistake, you smile, shake it off (as my parents used to tell me) and figure out your mistake instead of banging your head against a wall.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes, you'll thank yourself later!

Give yourself permission to make mistakes, you’ll thank yourself later!


Veggetti: Wow. Could You Come Up With A Worse Name If You Tried?

The Veggetti? Seriously? Who thought that name was a good idea? That’s pronounced “va-jet-y”, for those of you who didn’t get it. Try to say that word without smiling, or without wanting to smile. It’s impossible.

Very. Bad. Name.

A couple of weeks ago, at my football tournament, I was sitting with my team as they ate breakfast (I’d already eaten) in the hotel lobby area. There was a tv on that was showing the news, and every few minutes there were commercials. I would glance up at the tv once in a while, and one time when I did, I saw an infomercial. You know those really long ones that show the product being used twenty different times as there is an over voice talking about how great it is and how if you call now, they will give you two of them for the price of one, and throw in a booklet? It was one of those.

Normally you would change the channel, or in the case of a hotel lobby, you’d turn back to the person next to you to continue your conversation. But this one caught my eye because of the product being advertised. A Veggetti.

Don’t be alarmed; it’s not as gross as it sounds, unless you hate zucchini. The Veggetti is basically like a big pencil sharpener, except instead of just a straight blade it has a cheese grater type blade, and instead of sharpening a pencil you shred a zucchini or squash. The point is that the veggie ends up in long thin strips that are like spaghetti. But veggetti has no carbs and less calories and all that. Here’s a picture:

In action!

In action!

Like I said before, I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to name a zucchini-sharpener “Veggetti”, but they should be fired. Right away. Either that, or they should be given the golden star of marketing, because people are definitely going to talk about it…

OK, back to my story. I pointed out this wonderful infomercial to my friends, and since we are a bunch of high school girls, we thought this was absolutely hilarious. As you should too. (Turns out, the fact that we are high school girls has nothing to do with it, my parents and their friends thought it was funny too). We laughed for a few minutes, and then we –crazy, I know– forgot about it.

But then a few days ago I was babysitting. Some friends of the kids I was watching lived a few blocks away, and the friends did this thing where one or two nights a week they block their street off and have a sort of picnic while the kids play in the street. So the kids and I walked over to the gathering.

As predicted, the two boys I was taking care of quickly deserted me to go ride their bikes in the street with the other kids. I sat at the edge of the parents’ circle with my AP textbook, half reading it and half listening to their conversations.

I was just getting into my reading when one of the moms announced, “You guys won’t believe what I bought the other day! It’s called a Veggetti!” Then she burst out laughing. I looked up immediately at the mention of the vegetable stringer. I started laughing too, but silently. The rest of the parents all had rather disgusted or curious looks on their faces. “A what? they asked.

“A Veggetti! It makes vegetable pasta! It’s got a horrible name. But I made some the other night, and my son had two bowls, he didn’t even know the difference!” the first mom told the rest of us.

Really, he didn't notice? Because I'm pretty sure spaghetti isn't normally green. At least mine isn't.

Really, he didn’t notice? Because I’m pretty sure spaghetti isn’t normally green. At least mine isn’t.

At this point I was physically hurting myself trying not to crack up. I couldn’t believe someone actually bought one! A Veggetti! And I couldn’t believe I had happened to see the commercial for them just a week before, and now I was hearing about them again.

The mom went on to laugh at the name a bit more, and talk about all the texts she had sent her husband like Have you seen my Veggetti? I picked up my phone and texted two of my friends who had been at the breakfast table to tell them what I had just heard. They later told me that when they read my text they laughed so hard they actually cried. Behold the power of the Veggetti.

I have been writing a lot of humor lately– at least I think the stories are funny– but I guess my life’s just been funny this past week. I will get back to more serious matters soon, don’t worry. Or maybe I won’t. We’ll all have to wait and see.

Hope this post made you laugh. Or at least smile!

The CliffsNotes of Driving (So Far)

“The ice cream’s melting. Hurry.” Those were my dad’s words as we drove home from the grocery store at quarter of nine the other night. We were in his white Golf, driving along the neighborhood streets with a bag of nuts and dried fruits for my dad’s ever-changing home-made energy bars (There’ll be a post on those coming up pretty soon) and a tub of vanilla ice cream, to be had with caramel sauce and crushed pretzels. If you haven’t ever had that before, I highly recommend it. Most importantly, however, and contrary to the usual, I was Continue reading

No School… At All? As in Never?

Today as I was reading my favorite magazine, Outside, I came across a very interesting article. It was titled “We Don’t Need No Education” by Ben Hewitt and it was about unschooling. I had never heard of this before, but being a public school student, I was able to figure out that it must have something to do with not going to school. And, being a public school student, this intrigued me. So I read on, and this is what I discovered: Continue reading

The Ninety Second Road to Glory

You know the part in the movies where for a minute and a half they show a bunch of clips of the characters working, and then the job is done? If you have ever watched a sports movie, I know you know what I’m talking about. It’s the part where the main character is starting to train again after an injury, or they become really commited. It shows months of hard work in ninety seconds of the character doing push-ups and running and practicing and training in general, and by the end he or she is super fit and good at his or her sport.

imageI am always motivated by these parts of movies. The character worked hard and spent hours training and in the end he or she is transformed. But these parts are partial truths. Continue reading

Changing Things Up

It has been a busy past couple of days! I had a football tournament and then my internet wasn’t working yesterday. Sorry I haven’t written lately! A new post is coming, don’t worry. But in this one I just wanted to let you all know I have been changing things around. It will be a month tomorrow since I started this blog, and I have decided I need to change a few things. So I changed my theme, and I plan on changing the name of the blog, once I come up with a good replacement. It is the same blog and writer though. I didn’t want you to come to my blog and think you’d clicked the wrong one! Be back soon.


“Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul.”

-Douglas MacAurthur

Never, ever, ever, ever quit. It is not easy to accomplish your goal when you’ve tried and been knocked down. But if you want it badly enough it is worth getting knocked down once, ten times, a hundred times, if it means in the end you will achieve your goal. Quitting might make you feel better for a little bit because you don’t have to feel the pain of having not reached your goal yet. But in the end, knowing you didn’t try your hardest to reach your goal will hurt even more than trying and failing ever did.