Summer Music

I have had some pretty bad writer’s block lately, so (sadly) I have not been writing as often as I would’ve liked. I’ve also been busy the past few days, but I am coming back to the wonderful world of blogs now.

I am sitting outside right now, and after  four days of gray and rain it is finally beautiful: blue skies, sunshine, a light breeze and hot by my standards, so mid seventies. My point is, it is summer and it feels like it.

I am not a huge music person, but I do listen to the radio in the car and at home sometimes. In any case, there is one song I discovered on the radio a month or two ago- well actually my mom found it first and told me about it- and I love it. To me it sounds like summer. When I listen to it I feel like I am sitting around a campfire on the ocean beach in the evening with my friends and family, and someone is playing the guitar and singing this song. The song is Riptide by Vance Joy. It’s been out for a while, and it has a sort of folky sound to it, I guess. I like alternative music, so it sort of fits my genre, but my friend who is more into pop likes it too. Like I said, it’s a great song, even if it isn’t summer where you live or you aren’t normally into alternative music. Check it out and let me know what you think. Does it remind you of summer, or something else?

Here’s the link to the lyrics video on YouTube: riptide. I don’t like the music video, though I don’t like many music videos, because it gives me a different idea of what the song is about than what I thought when I first heard it. I recommend just listening to the song and not watching the lyrics for the video above, at least the first time. Hope you enjoy!



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