Laugh a Little!

Personally, I love to laugh. I don’t know if this is true for everybody, but I think it’s safe to say that most people enjoy laughing. And yet most of us don’t do it enough. I was told that adults laugh about twice a day, and that toddlers and young kids laugh at least one hundred times a day. That’s a big difference! I’ve also noticed that toddlers tend to make other people happy. You can’t help but smile as they walk by with a grin on their face or ask you innocent questions, the answers to which you take for granted. Happiness is contagious in that way.

So, why does it matter that we laugh less as we grow older? There are many health benefits to laughing. Not only does it make you happier and give you a more positive outlook, it also has been shown to reduce stress. Laughing also makes us look and feel more lively and attractive, and more youthful. Additionally, if you are really in fits of laughter, it can even be an abs workout, increase your heart rate and burn calories!

Here are some of my suggestions for laughing more:

Spend time with funny people: surround yourself with friends and people who you can joke around with and who make you laugh.

Watch funny TV: try watching a funny show, a comedy, or just looking up funny videos on youtube. They aren’t all very funny, but some are bound to at least make you chuckle.

Read a jokes book: Pretty much just what it sounds like. You could also try reading a story that other people have said made them laugh.

Find a comedy radio show: Some of these are absolutely hilarious. “Car Talk” by the Magliozzi brothers and “the Vinyl Cafe” by Stuart McLean are two of my favorites. I’ve also been told about one called “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”. You can look up shows that are local for you or nationwide.

Always remember to laugh. If you think something is funny, don’t hold back (unless laughing at that particular moment could get you into trouble) and don’t forget to laugh at yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself that you can’t laugh at your mistakes and experiences. What’s the point if you can’t laugh at it later? Also, remember that laughing is contagious. So if you laugh with someone, yes, it does make you laugh harder, but it also brightens up that person’s day.


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