Although I do love the outdoors, that’s not the outside I’m talking about. Outside magazine is my favorite magazine ever. That’s not saying much, since the only other magazines I’ve ever read are National Geographic and some kids’ ones my grandparents bought my sister and I subscriptions to. I have flipped through a few cooking and home magazines too. But Outside is my favorite by far. It’s just fun. It covers a variety of subjects, from vacation spots to news stories, but its focus is on the outdoorsy, adventuring lifestyle.

The latest issue, which I am still reading, has an article on the Mount Everest avalanche that fell this spring and killed 16 Sherpas, one on elite athletes who also have full-time jobs and families (focusing on how they fit everything in), as well as a story on an arctic exploration that took place in the 1880s. There’s a section called Destinations that features Northern Europe in this issue. Reading it made me want to jump on a plane to go sailing in the Netherlands or biking in Denmark. It also has the scoop on all the super cool new exercise gear like rope (not so new), waterproof bags and watches.

Even if you don’t have the means to go spend a few weeks touring Northern Europe (like me), or don’t really want to become an elite athlete, reading Outside makes you want to go try new things, and find ways to make your life more exciting. That’s the real reason I like it. It is inspiring in its freedom; in the way of living it describes. It is motivating and fresh and makes me want to go exploring.



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