The Final

imageWhat a great game to end the World Cup! It was exciting, with lots of close calls and great saves and skilled playing. I especially loved the difference in the styles of the teams today. Germany plays with controlled passing and movement, creating space and triangles. They are patient and good at creating opportunities. Argentina, on the other hand, though also able to creat great opportunities, has more of a win-and -dribble style. They don’t focus on keeping possession as much as Germany, but instead win the ball in defense or midfield, or even up front, and then take it forward, either with a few quick passes or by break-away. The mix of these two contrasting plays made the game particularly fun and interesting to watch.

There were multiple almost-goals for both teams that made me cheer or jump out of my seat, but the off-sides flag and the post got in the way of any of them making it to the scoreboard. Both defenses played well too. Argentina’s defense held up well against the powerhouse of the German attack, and Germany was able to possess beautifully. But since neither team was able to get a shot in, they played thirty minutes of extra time, with an intense start and chances for both the Argentinians and the Germans. I have to say, thank goodness Germany scored in this time! I didn’t really care who won, but (I think I’ve said this before) I absolutely hate when a game comes down to penalties, especially a game of this importance. When both teams have played hard, it is a bummer to decide the winner based on luck. There is some skill in penalty kicks, mostly in the kickers, but keepers honestly have to guess. If this game had gone to PK’s it would have been even worse for the loser.

Germany and Argentina both played phenomenally throughout this whole tournament, and it is too bad there had to be a loser. But that’s why we play the game. My congratulations to Germany, and Götze, the goal scorer. My condolences to Argentina, they played a tournament to be proud of.

Argentina aren’t the only sad ones today though. All across the world, football fans (myself included)  are heartbroken that they have to wait another four years for the next World Cup. Until then, we will have to follow our favorite players on their club teams, though nothing can compare to the excitement, adrenaline and pride of the best tournament in the world.


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