Here’s something interesting I learned yesterday.  I was in a sweets store with my grandma, and she was getting a box of turtles as a present for someone.  (Turtles meaning those chocolate-caramel-nuts combinations NOT the animal, just to clarify). So she was looking at the three types they had: peanut, pecan and almond. She was bent over looking at the displays, and she said, “I think we should get an assortment of peanut and almond.”

The way she said it sounded funny to me, but I didn’t say anything because she had been facing away from me and I figured it was just my hearing. But then she said “Almond” again and it still sounded funny. So I told her to say that again. And she said “amond”!

So I teasingly asked “Amond?” And my grandma, rather defensively, said “Yes, amond.” Then I started grinning as she said “The l is silent, it’s pronounced ‘amond’.” That made me laugh harder. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe her, because she was a middle school English teacher and if she said it was the right way to say it then it probably was. It just sounded so funny! And that meant everyone I had ever heard say “almond”, including me, was saying it wrong.

But she took my laughter as disbelief and so pulled out her iPhone and, while holding it at arm’s distance, typed the word into the her dictionary app. And she proved that yes,the correct pronunciation of “almond” is actually “amond”.

There’s the random fact of the day. I personally have no intentions of changing the way I say “allllmond”.


3 thoughts on “Amonds

  1. Sarah Keroack (Nada) says:

    “You say either and I say ither ” You say almond and I say amond. “Let’s call the whole thing…” a draw. Love your interesting Blog.


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