World Cup

What fun! I have finally discovered the World Cup. As a soccer addict, there’s nothing I would rather be doing the first month of summer than spending a few hours each day watching some of the best footballers in the world playing in the biggest, best competition in the world.

Now, I know I am completely biased, but whoever thought of the World Cup was definitely one of the most brilliant people ever. Football (I guess I should use its real name) is an amazing sport. Not because of its creativity or its skill requirement or the way any team could win any game, although it has all that. Football is amazing because it is a team sport and yet also highly individual. Of course other team sports are this way, but not quite in the way football is, I think. In football you can have a horrible team of great players, or you can have a great team of individually quite unskilled players. Or you can have an amazing team of great players and a star. A game-changer. Basically football is so great in my eyes because there are so many different styles and ways to play the game. Everyone involved has their own style: the coaches, the players, the team, the ref. And so it is always interesting because even though the rules are the same, no two games can ever be the same and something new is always happening or evolving.

So that’s the first thing the inventor(s) of the World Cup got right. Choosing football was an A+ idea. But then they made it even better. They decided to get the whole world involved. So not only are a bunch of guys playing the best game (in my opinion, of course) in the world, but guys from all over the globe are playing it. There’s the other great thing about football: it’s universal. It’s a common language people from every country can speak and understand. It’s a worldwide passion and the World Cup brings all that passion into a single place. It is such a cool feeling to be watching a game and know that millions of people are also watching it at the same time, probably screaming and jumping and cheering at the same time as you.

This tournament is kind of like Christmas. Not because it is a present, but because it is a holiday that all the world can join in. Plus it’s tons of fun!


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